purina livestock production specialist haley hillWe are excited to have Haley Hill join us as our new Purina Livestock Production Specialist! Read more about Haley’s background below!

“Howdy! My name is Haley Hill and I grew up not too far north in Cleburne, Tx. I attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science in May 2019. I grew up with horses, and my Godfamily team ropes. My career began with the US Dairy Education and Training Consortium in 2017 and 2018 which led to my passion with cattle. From there I interned with Purina Animal Nutrition the summer of 2019 working in the Southwest on dairy calf and heifer nutrition. After my internship I took a position with Purina in Glasgow, Kentucky mainly working with grass cattle. While Kentucky was gorgeous, there’s no place like Texas. I am happy to be closer to home, friends, and family! I look forward to working with ya’ll and seeing what I can do for you and this community! I enjoy what I do and there’s nothing better than being able to help farmers and ranchers of all species be more efficient, profitable, and conscientious with their operations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

livestock production specialist purina haley hillI’d also like to introduce my Australian Shepherd, Hazel! You may be seeing her around, she loves Purina and cows as much as I do!”

You can email Haley at hhill2@landolakes.com . We’d love for you to meet and speak with her. Call the store at 254-752-0777 and ask her to give you a call or set up a time to visit you.