Flies are a nuisance and harmful to your livestock in the warmer months, specifically April through September.

Horses can become very irritable as they flies are attracted to moist areas and collect rapidly around “goopy” places like their eyes. Cattle can experience reduced weight gains and their hide can suffer from the fly puncture wounds. Never the less, it is worth the investment in fly control products for your animals.

Control the flies around your horses with manure management, fly spray, fly masks, fly sheets, and automatic fly spray systems. Do you have cattle? Use pour-on, spray-on, or rub-on insecticides, insecticide dusts, or ear tags to control adult flies on animals. You can also offer Purina’s Wind and Rain® Fly Control Minerals. They are designed to reduce fly populations. Flies cause significant discomfort for cattle. As part of an integrated fly control program, Purina’s Wind and Rain with Altosid (MTH), helps restore cattle comfort while reducing factors that cause poor performance, and decreased grazing time.

China Spring Country Store offers the following fly repellent products:

  • Farnam Wipe Original Concentrate
  • Farnam Repel-X Concentrate
  • Farnam Swat Clear Ointment
  • Farnam Swat Oringinal Ointment
  • Farnam Roll-On fly repellent
  • War Paint Insectiside Paste
  • Fly-Rid Ointment Fly Repellent
  • Equi-Sense Brand Trigger Fly Spray
  • Absorbine Bug Block Spray
  • Farnam Mosquito Halt Spray
  • Farnam Wipe II Spray
  • Farnam Equisect Spray
  • Pony P Spray
  • Pyranha Aerosol Spray
  • Buy Bye Skeeter
  • Buy Bye Fly
  • Farnam Endure Spray
  • Absorbine Dura Guard
  • Absorbine Ultra Shield Sport
  • Absorbine Ultra Shield Broad Spectrem
  • Farnam Centura
  • Manna Pro Equine Fly & Mosquito Aerosol
  • Pyranha Wipe and Spray

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